My name is Jolice Bonnick, and I’m a 49 year old mother of two adult daughters. I live in Scarborough, and have for a long time. I have always wanted to eat healthy, and be creative with healthy foods. I became a vegan 16 years ago, I educate myself on how to eat healthy foods, and I buy organic and 95% gluten-free. I read, use the internet, listen to experts, and take courses and seminars. I never gave up because I believe in perseverance. Being on Twitter has given me more knowledge by following the best in Toronto.

Every morning I meditate on the day; what am I going to do, eat, and make?
One morning, I thought about making a raw cheesecake, but how? I thought of tofu, but what would I use with the tofu? I also thought about crust, but I didn’t want to use the regular, obvious crust, so I opened my cupboard and looked at all the goodies I had. Then I saw cookies (Sweets from the Earth cookies)… and so happy, happy, happy I was.

I was on my way to making cheesecake. It was Thanksgiving, and I wanted to bring something different and healthy to my family’s home for dessert.  My cheesecake was ready the night before. When we went to my Auntie’s home, I was a bit nervous because my family doesn’t eat how I eat, but when they tried the cheesecake it was gone in no time.

Now my Aunt wants me to make one for her this week, and my girlfriend ordered one to take to Jamaica. For her birthday, she drove to my house for a second piece, and her husband and kids said, “Jolice is good.” My daughter (who is skeptical of my healthy cooking) said, “it actually tasted good, mom.” I felt good!

Now I’m excited to use Sweets from the Earth cookies to make healthy desserts, and so can you!!

Thank you,


Our cupcake of the month is… the Coconut Cream Cupcake, with a smooth coconut centre and a swirl of decadent frosting and toasted coconut on top.

These to-die-for treats are the perfect marriage of pie and cupcake! They are made in our nut-free bakery, and are of course, dairy free, egg free, free of preservatives and refined sugars, and possess all of the other great qualities of our desserts.

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Hand out a sweet snack that every trick-or-treater will love this year (parents included!).

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