What is a vegan?

A vegan is a person who abstains from ingesting or using any animal products or byproducts (including dairy, eggs, meat, fish, fowl, rennet, and gelatin).

Why would I choose a vegan baked good over a traditional one?

Vegan baked goods are naturally cholesterol and lactose free, and have lower levels of saturated fat. Plus, they can be just as tasty (if not tastier!), they are a compassionate choice, and have a smaller environmental footprint than many traditional baked goods.

Are all Treats from the Earth products vegan? Are they dairy, egg, cholesterol, and lactose free?

Absolutely! Treats from the Earth products are all natural and vegan. Because our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, they are naturally cholesterol and lactose free.

Are Treats from the Earth products nut free and sesame free?

Our bakery located at 101 A Canarctic Drive is a completely peanut, tree nut (with the exception of coconut) and sesame free facility. In addition, we have audited our suppliers for their nut free status in order to ensure that the ingredients entering the bakery are nut free. All Treats from the Earth products marked as nut free are produced in this strict environment and are school safe. Please always remember to check the packaging, as our gluten free bakery at 101 B Canarctic Drive uses peanuts and tree nuts.

Do you make any gluten free products?

Our bakery located at 101 B Canarctic Drive is a completely wheat and gluten free facility. In addition, we have audited our suppliers for their gluten free status in order to ensure that the ingredients entering the bakery are gluten free. All Treats from the Earth products marked as gluten free are produced in this strict environment. Please always remember to check the package as our peanut and nut free bakery located at 101 A Canarctic Drive uses gluten.

How do you ensure that Treats from the Earth products are either peanut and nut free or gluten free?

In addition to comprehensive supplier research and documentation, we periodically test both incoming raw ingredients and outgoing finished baked goods for allergens through a federally accredited food laboratory.

Are your products kosher?

Yes, all of our products are certified Kosher Pareve under the supervision of the Kashruth Council of Canada (COR). All baked products containing wheat and/or spelt are also certified Pas Yisroel.

Why eat organic?

Organic refers to methods of growing and processing foods that rely on the earth’s natural resources rather than the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Pests and weeds are managed using earth-friendly means such as beneficial insects and mechanical controls. By definition, organic ingredients are not genetically modified.

Do you use organic ingredients?

Over 50% of our ingredients are organic. All of our flours, grains, and sugars, and much of our produce are organic. We hope to become a completely organic bakery in the future.

Do you use any refined sugars?

Our products are sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice, natural brown rice syrup, maple syrup, agave nectar, and fruits such as organic Medjool dates. We do not use any white or brown refined sugars.

Do you use any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives?


Do you use wheat flour?

Our 101 A Canarctic Drive bakery uses unbleached organic wheat flour in our nut free Chocolate Cake and Carrot Cake, and all of our Muffins, Loaves and Cupcakes.

What is spelt? Which products are made with spelt?

Spelt is an ancient grain that is a relative of wheat. It is more easily digestible by some people who cannot tolerate wheat. Our Nut Free Cookies, Organic Medjool Date Squares, and Nut Free Cheesecakes are all made with spelt.

What types of fat do you use?

We primarily use sunflower oil, which is a light tasting oil, with no GMOs, no trans-fats, and low levels of saturated fat. In certain products, we also use other fats, such as coconut oil, palm fruit oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and flax oil.

Why do you use organic palm fruit oil? Where does it come from?

While we do use palm fruit oil in a few of our products, the oil we use in the majority of our products is sunflower oil. We’ve chosen to use palm fruit oil specifically in a few products, as it gives a particular texture that we cannot get from sunflower oil, or any other vegan, non-hydrogenated source. We are continually searching for alternatives, and experimenting in the kitchen to come up with our own alternatives, and hope to replace the palm fruit oil as soon as we have an acceptable solution. The only organic palm fruit oil we source is single origin and grown in South America (on an existing plantation, not clear cut lands). The farm is Rainforest Alliance certified and holds a Sustainable Farm Certification, as well.

What are trans fats, and do you use them?

Trans fats result from a chemical process called hydrogenation, which changes a liquid oil, naturally high in unsaturated fatty acids, to a more solid and more saturated form. The greater the degree of hydrogenation, the more saturated the fat becomes. Consumption of trans fats can result in many health problems, including coronary heart disease. All of our products are 100% non-hydrogenated and have 0 trans fats.

What are GMOs and do you use them?

GMOs are genetically modified organisms. They are created by combining genes from organisms such as bacteria, viruses or animals with other, often unrelated, species. In Canada, up to 70 percent of the processed foods found in grocery stores contain GMOs. The government requires no long-term testing of GMOs, so it’s impossible to determine what effects they are having. The most common GMOs are found in products containing corn, soy, and canola.  Treats from the Earth products do not contain any GMOs.

What are your cream cheese icing and cheesecake made of, and do any of your products contain casein?

We use a soy-based cream cheese. None of our products contain casein (milk protein).

Is Treats from the Earth HACCP certified?

Our nut free 101 A Canarctic Drive location has received Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)  from a global certifying body.

. As well, we have also received our GFSI Certification – FSSC 22000.

Where are you located? Can I order from you directly?

We work out of a commercial space with a bakery outlet, and special orders may be picked up from our bakery outlet at 101 Canarctic Drive. We distribute mostly through natural food stores, grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants throughout most of Canada. Any items available at stores and restaurants, as well as catering trays and special occasion cakes (including decorated and birthday cakes) may be ordered and picked up directly from our bakery outlet. Please contact us toll-free at (888) 886-2004 or send us an email for details.