Allergy Statement

We are passionate about creating delicious treats that can safely be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Our entire team is committed to doing the best we can to deliver extraordinary products and customer service because with so many things people have to do in their lives, giving up delicious desserts shouldn’t be one of them. Whether you avoid certain ingredients for health, allergy, religious, or ethical reasons, we have a dessert for you.

NF-IconAll products made in our 101 A Canarctic Drive facility are produced in a strict dairy, egg, sesame, peanut and tree nut free environment. Our ingredient suppliers have been audited for their peanut and tree nut free status in order to ensure that all ingredients entering the bakery are nut free. All Treats from the Earth products marked as nut free are school safe. As an added measure of safety, in addition to being a GFSi – FSC 22000 – HAACP-certified facility, we periodically test both incoming raw ingredients and outgoing finished baked goods for allergens through a federally accredited food laboratory. This facility uses soy, wheat and gluten.

GF-IconAll products made in our 101 B Canarctic Drive facility are produced in a strict dairy, egg, wheat and gluten free environment. Our ingredient suppliers have been audited for their wheat and gluten free status, and each batch of our custom gluten-free flour blend is tested for the presence of gluten. These strict measures ensure that all of our gluten free products are celiac-friendly.  Products made in this facility are certified by the Allergen Control Group Gluten Free Certification Program (Beyond Celiac). This facility uses sesame, soy, peanuts and tree nuts.


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