Introducing the New Chocolate Chewy Nut Bar



Beginning May 6th, 2016, we are using decadently creamy peanut butter in our classic Chocolate Chewy Nut Bar (peanut butter has replaced the cashew butter we used to use).
After much taste testing and recipe development in our dairy, egg, wheat & gluten-free bakery, we are excited to bring you this flavour enhancement!
Over the next couple of weeks, our new Chocolate Chewy Nut Bar will be on store shelves ready for you to sink your teeth into. When you try it, please let us know what you think – on instagram, twitter, facebook or simply by sending us an email. ! Or even better, try it with our Gluten Free Veggielicious Special. More details here.

Keep watching here, and on social media for what’s coming from our bakery next!

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