Mix it Up: Nutty Caramel Chocolate Sauce

There are so many creative ways to use a sweet sauce! Drizzled over a cake, swirled through a smoothie, poured over a sundae – the options are limitless, and all sinfully delicious.

Chocolate Caramel Sauce

Hershey’s was one of the first brands to introduce chocolate syrup in North America in 1926, made with cocoa, sugar, and high fructose corn-syrup (ours is made with real food ingredients, and is even more delicious – yay for progress!). Hershey’s started with a fountain version to add to sodas and milkshakes, then produced a canned version for home use. We love a chocolate sauce as much as anyone else, but ours is made with plant-based, non-GMO ingredients, and is free of dairy, gluten, eggs, preservatives, and refined sugars.

The secret recipe:

  1. Into the pan. Put a couple of our Chocolate Pecan Caramel Bars into a saucepan (1 bar is one serving).
  2. Turn on low heat and stir until the bars have melted and the sauce is hot.
  3. Pour over or into anything you want. Cake, cupcakes, brownies, shakes, smoothies, ice cream, you name it.
  4. Enjoy!

Tip + tricks:

  • If you want a looser consistency, add a bit of liquid, like water or your favourite non-dairy milk, into the saucepan and mix.

Mix it Up is a series we created to share new and creative ways to enjoy our sinfully delicious sweets! Take a picture of the nutty caramel chocolate sauce you make with our Chocolate Pecan Caramel Bars, and post and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest so we can see your delicious creations, try them ourselves, and share with others too.

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