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As naturopaths, we centre our treatment plans around optimal nutrition using whole foods and limiting preservatives, chemicals and other additives.   No matter how many supplements, acupuncture treatments or botanical remedies our patients are willing to take, real healing comes once the diet is balanced and optimized consistently. 

 An integral component of our diagnostic tools is testing for IgG allergies which presents like a food sensitivity.    We see how much it helps our patients once we help to identify and eliminate food allergens.  It’s such a relief for our patients to pinpoint which foods are contributing to their symptoms, especially when it is related to major food groups such as gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how diligent the patient is, there will ultimately be low compliance to their new elimination diets if they can’t find substitutes to the foods they eat and enjoy every day.

This is especially true when it comes to treats.  Squares, cookies, cakes…we don’t eat these foods for nutrition…we eat them because they are sinfully delicious and provide a sweet escape from our day.  Taking away someone’s dessert is far beyond just a “health conscious decision”. We feel like we’re actually taking away a piece of their happiness!

Thank heavens for companies like Sweets from the Earth.  When we tell our patients that they do not have to give up cheesecake after revealing their dairy allergens, they are surprised.  When we tell them that Sweets from the Earth dairy-free cheesecake is absolutely delicious…and not “naturopathic” delicious (read: “although it may taste like soggy cardboard topped with drywall compound, eat it because it is good for you!”) they look at us in disbelief. 

It is always great to have options to offer to patients (as well as friends/family) – and of course, ourselves – that are health-friendly and most importantly, taste great. We do not hesitate to recommend SFTE products because we know that the flavour and texture will not disappoint, and because there are many products to choose from.

Additionally, the SFTE line of nut-free products is a bonus since the majority of health food treats do contain some type of nut (or at least traces of nuts) and the availability of a nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, but not taste-free treat is a great option for sensitive folks who have nut allergies, which can range from mild to anaphylactic.

Thanks, SFTE, for providing a great line of delectable healthy products and keep pumping out more delicious treat options for us and our patients to enjoy!  


Makoto Trotter, ND & Aileen Lim-Trotter, ND are a husband & wife licensed Naturopathic Doctor team. They founded Zen-tai Wellness Centre (https://www.zen-tai.com), a multidisciplinary holistic health clinic located in downtown Toronto at the end of 2006. Makoto’s practice has a special focus on helping his patients with digestive concerns and hormone conditions, while Aileen’s practice focuses on dermatology and pediatrics. They have an eclectic approach to treatment, with an emphasis on diet & nutrition, but also employ herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy and lifestyle counseling.

They both enjoy educating others on how to live and practice a healthy lifestyle, but are realistic in their approach and are open with patients about their own journey to achieving balance in their own lives.

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