Safe Sweets – Lisa Borden

Ever wonder what it would be like to live with a food allergy or a strict dietary restriction? My daughter is severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. I remember back to when we found out, how I had to do a complete inventory and overhaul of everything that was coming into our house, and coming near her, how upsetting, scary and overwhelming it was. An allergy not only affects your diet, but also personal care ingredients and affects places you go, family relationships and friendships.

Once you start reading ingredient labels (and get over the disgust of what’s in some of the things we just buy without knowing what’s in them), you realize how life changing having an allergy can be. After cleaning out our  kitchen, bathrooms and home and learning how to use epipens, and how to teach others how to use them, I went into research mode to seek out and source ingredients and products that would meet my new defined ingredient criteria: nut-free, vegan, non-gmo and organic –  plus I wanted to understand what I was eating! At the same time, I started making and cooking and baking more –  it was, and still is, the best way for me to manage what my entire family is eating , plus, it turns out, it’s delicious, easier and way healthier, and the best part…my family loves it.

As a mother of 3, who works full time (read overtime), it’s not always easy to make everything (plus I happen to be an awful baker, since it requires following instructions, which is consequently not one of my strongest qualities), so I choose to rely on companies that I trust, making great products.  I have been, and my kids most certainly have been thrilled with Sweets from the Earth. We always have at least one of their nut-free, vegan, boxed cakes or loaves in our freezer for “emergency” treats and celebrations, and their cookies in our cupboard. My friends and family, who are often hesitant about “my” vegan food being served, have constantly been thrilled, and often surprised by how incredible the Sweets from the Earth creations are.

Birthday Parties can be a scary place for people with nut allergies – or any allergy, and ordering Sweets from the Earth cupcakes (or cakes) (https://twitpic.com/7dnx2j) for our celebrations ensures that ALL of the kids are getting a yummy and safe treat (that I approve of) –  without all of those toxic, fake colours, flavours and other ingredients. Extra green birthday party tip: If you are serving cake outside of your home (school, birthday party venue etc), choose their cupcakes…no need to cut anything, or waste money on plates and forks that too quickly become waste!


Lisa Borden, owner of Borden Communications (www.bordencom.com) takes a unique approach to holistically marketing eco-intelligent living and working. Some of her favourite titles (from a long list) (www.lisabordenworks.com) include: Catalyst for Change, Enthusiastic Philanthropist, Inspiration Agent, Strategist + Catalyst, Mother of 3 and Wannabe Organic Farmer.


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