Sweets From The Earth + Sobeys + Jamie Oliver = Best Desserts Available

Jamie Oliver

Don’t simply take our word for calling our own vegan desserts sinfully delicious…believe Jamie Oliver! When it comes to food (and really anything delicious), Celebrity Chef and Sobeys Spokesperson, Jamie Oliver, knows what’s naturally sweet! So…it’s no surprise he joined us at the Re-Opened Sobeys at Laird and Wicksteed for a surprise demo day!

Sobeys features some of the healthiest, tastiest food options available, and we are thrilled to be on their shelves and in the coolers. Their ‘Better Food For All Campaign’ is innovative and refreshing, and we love supporting them in their quest to give us all access to great quality and variety, when it comes to real food.

When you have that *need* for a piece of our moist vegan spiced carrot cake, or our decadent gluten free walnut brownie pop into Sobeys – they carry a large variety of some of our best selling products, including all of our vegan nut-free and gluten free cakes and cookies. Maybe you’ll see Jamie Oliver in the aisles like we did!

Treats from the Earth