We introduced our Classic Whoopie Pies in the summer of 2014, and they instantly became a best seller – all thanks to one incredibly sweet customer! That’s right, we received a request for a vegan version of this popular treat, and we got to work in the kitchen to create one with two soft, delicious chocolate cakes with a marshmallow cream filling, and the result is spectacularly satisfying (if we may say so ourselves!). These delicious treats are baked in our nut-free bakery and, as always, are dairy free, egg free, and free of preservatives and refined sugars.sfte-whoopy-webMoral of the story, if you want something, ask for it! We love to please you and always appreciate your amazing feedback and suggestions.

Sweet Secrets is a series we created to share fun and quirky unknown facts about our sinfully delicious desserts. You can enjoy our Whoopie Pies at Fresh Restaurants, or order them by the dozen directly from us and pick them up at our 234 Canarctic Drive bakery.

They say you eat with your eyes first. Although eating involves all of our sensory systems (taste, sight, smell, sound and touch), there’s only one working when we’re browsing everyone’s delicious creations on Instagram, and there’s no denying the impression made by simply looking at a great dish.

In the 1700’s, Louis XIV enjoyed multi-tiered tables with carefully decorated, luxurious foods – something reserved for the very wealthy. But it was Chef Marie-Anotine Careme, born in 1784, who arguably brought plating into the modern world. He presented dishes in the shapes of famous monuments, waterfalls, and pyramids, and is believed to have invented the croquembouche.

Although our sweets may be packaged simply, with a few quick tricks you can transform any of our desserts into high end, formal, plant-based delicacies.

This mouthwatering image of our Whoopie Pies was created by @sarina_jw.

Fancy Whoopie Pie

The secret recipe:

  1. Choose your plate. Think of this as your canvas. Plain white is a popular choice to let the food visually pop, but a cute pattern, or vintage design can make a great statement too.
  2. Smear or drizzle. Decorate your plate with a smear of mushed banana or berry jam, a sprinkling of cinnamon, or a drizzle or chocolate or caramel sauce.
  3. Place your dessert. Cut your cookie in half. Place one half down on the plate, with the other half gently leaning on it. We recommend using our sinfully delicious Super Stuff Cookies (a sweet collaboration with Chef Doug McNish). These vegan, gluten-free, fudge or goji stuffed cookies are soft enough to cleanly cut in half, and reveal the beautiful superfood stuffing. If you’re looking for a nut free treat, we recommend trying our Whoopie Pies.
  4. Add a pop of colour, texture and flavour with a couple of small berries, sprig of mint, slices of banana, or shredded coconut.
  5. Enjoy!

Tip + tricks:

  • Substitute one Super Stuff Cookie for two Flourless Cashew Cookies which are smaller in size
  • Pop in a candle for a personal-sized birthday treat
  • Serve with a shot glass of your favourite non-dairy milk

Mix it Up is a series we created to share new and creative ways to enjoy our sinfully delicious sweets! Take a picture of the fancy treats you make, and post and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest so we can see your delicious creations, try them ourselves, and share with others too.

For the moments you can resist eating your desserts straight from the package (a challenge all on its own!), or when you’re planning to serve them to friends and family, our sinfully delicious desserts can easily be transformed into high end formal desserts, or fun and memorable sweet treats with a little creative plating.

This month’s challenge:

Plate one of our sweets in a creative way! Think decorative garnishes, sauces, props, beautiful serveware, or even things you’d never even think to serve dessert in (like these garden flower pot cupcakes we created for a special order!). We will be selecting a winner to receive a Sweets from the Earth Gift Pack!

You can submit your photos in any of the following ways:

  1. Follow us on Instagram @SFTEBakery, then post your photo and tag #SinfullyDelicious and #SFTEgetsCreative
  2. Follow us on Twitter @SFTEBakery, then tweet your photo and tag #SinfullyDelicious and #SFTEgetsCreative

Deadline to submit entries for this month’s challenge is November 30, 2015 (be sure to check back for next month’s challenge, too!). Make sure your accounts are not set to private so we can see your sweet posts. You can find our sinfully delicious desserts at these fine retailers.

Sweet Inspiration:

Chocolate Fudge Face from Rainbow Plate – Healthy Eating Made Simple

Rainbow Plate Face

As a vegan company, we are always excited to share as much plant based power as possible. We look forward to seeing what you come up with and sharing the inspiration with the rest of our sweet community!

Winners will be contacted directly, via direct message or email (if available), and must be able to pick up gift packs in person at our head office at 234 Canarctic Drive in North York.

Sinfully Delicious Challenge Prize Pack contents will vary from month to month, and may be modified to include gluten free or nut free products, if required.

Sinfully Delicious Challenge from SFTE: FAQ

  1. Who can enter this contest? The contest is open to all Canadian residents. It is not open to employees of Sweets from the Earth, or to people who reside with them.
  1. Do I need to purchase anything to be considered for the contest? No purchase is necessary, but you’ll need some SFTE desserts! Maybe if you’re sweet, your brother/sister/mom/uncle/friend will bring you some.
  1. Can I submit a photo with a group of friends? Of course! Just make sure you’re willing to split the winnings.
  1. What’s the prize? The prize is a $25 gift certificate, which must be redeemed in person at our head office in North York. For winners unable to pick up directly from Sweets from the Earth, product shipping is available at an additional cost.
  1. What are the requirements for the photo I’m submitting? Can I submit multiple photos?  Your photo needs to be original, taken by you, and used only for this contest. Sweets from the Earth reserves the right to deny entry to any photo, including photos that are offensive or defamatory. Previously published photos that have been entered in any other contest and photos that infringe any third party rights may not be submitted. You can submit as many photos as you would like on Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure you submit before the end of the month and don’t forget to tag @SfteBakery and #SinfullyDelicious.
  1. I don’t have an Instagram or Twitter account. Can I still submit a photo? Yes! You can email your photo to info@sweetsfromtheearth.com.  By doing this, you agree to all the Terms and Conditions of the Contest.  We will post your photo on your behalf on Instagram and Twitter.
  1. I have submitted my photo, but no one has commented or liked the photo. Does that affect my chances of winning? Comments will be looked at by the Jury, but even photos with no likes or comments can win.  This isn’t a popularity contest!
  1. I may not be available when the winner is announced, what can I do to ensure I am still eligible to win? The winner will need to contact SFTE within 10 days of winning. If you have any concerns, please email info@sweetsfromtheearth.com.
  1. What about the rights to my photo? By submitting a photo, you consent to Sweets from the Earth and those authorized on its behalf with the non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty-free right and license, to use, copy, adapt, and publicly display without additional compensation.