Sweet Secrets: Behind the Whoopie Pie

We introduced our Classic Whoopie Pies in the summer of 2014, and they instantly became a best seller – all thanks to one incredibly sweet customer! That’s right, we received a request for a vegan version of this popular treat, and we got to work in the kitchen to create one with two soft, delicious chocolate cakes with a marshmallow cream filling, and the result is spectacularly satisfying (if we may say so ourselves!). These delicious treats are baked in our nut-free bakery and, as always, are dairy free, egg free, and free of preservatives and refined sugars.sfte-whoopy-webMoral of the story, if you want something, ask for it! We love to please you and always appreciate your amazing feedback and suggestions.

Sweet Secrets is a series we created to share fun and quirky unknown facts about our sinfully delicious desserts. You can enjoy our Whoopie Pies at Fresh Restaurants, or order them by the dozen directly from us and pick them up at our 234 Canarctic Drive bakery.

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