Kosher! Local! Organic! Oi vei! The Challenges of Walking the Talk – Sabrina Malach

I am blessed to have a job that is aligned with my values and ethics. I am the Director of Outreach and Development for Shoresh Jewish Environmental Programs. Shoresh was established in 2002 to lead the Jewish environmental movement in the Greater Toronto Area. Through educational programs and grassroots initiatives, rooted in Jewish social and environmental values, Shoresh is working to build a more connected and ecologically sustainable Jewish community. Using food and environmental issues as our lens, Shoresh’s hands-on learning opportunities allow community members to explore and experience Jewish teachings and ethics in real and meaningful ways.

On February 5th, we hosted the first inaugural Shoresh Food Conference. This sold-out event was wildly successful and participants left feeling inspired to make changes in their lives and the world. The workshops, lectures and spontaneous conversations inspired new relationships and a palpable energy generated from participants and directed towards healing our broken food system.

One of our greatest challenges in organizing the Food Conference was to figure out how to feed 110 people in February while holding the values of supporting local food producers, procuring organic and fair trade products, minimizing our carbon footprint and honouring the Jewish laws of kashrut all at the same time. This was not an easy task! Thankfully, the food was delicious (and nutritious) and we managed to balance our multiple values to the best of our abilities.

Sweets from the Earth made this process simpler by generously donating delicious deserts that were aligned with our values. We are so thankful that Sweets from the Earth exists and look forward to continue working together to co-create a more sustainable, local and delectable food system.

For more info about Shoresh, visit shoresh.ca, “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

When not working for Shoresh, Sabrina Malach works as a Pollinator Producer in urban farms and gardens throughout Toronto. She is the organizer of the annual Pollinators Festival at Evergreen Brickworks.

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