Sweet Talking Tuesdays – Megan Cote

Megan Cote is the Director of Execution and Evolution at Borden Communications + Design, and the host of ‘A Greener York’ on Rogers TV‘.  Megan is passionate about educating and motivating herself and others to make positive change. She feels strongly about clean, healthy, and sustainable living, and believes together, we can make our community a greener place to live.

1. What is your favourite Sweets from the Earth product? And why?

Wild Blueberry Cheesecake. I was on Pinterest one day at work, and this decadent cake looked so drool worthy, I had to pick one up on my way home from work. The consistency and deliciousness of this cheeseless cheesecake totally blew me away.

2. Do you follow any special diets?

I believe my diet is indeed very special. It nourishes me, fuels my passions, and brings me great pleasure, what more could one want from a relationship? I like to feel connected to my food, and eat meals that were grown with love, and made with love.

3. When did you decide to switch your eating habits and make smarter food choices? And why? 

In my early 20’s I had been battling depression for quite a few years, and knew something needed to change. I didn’t know much then, but I knew pills weren’t the answer for my personal journey. I started exercising, reading new books, meeting new friends, and eating new foods. The more healthy choices I made, the more excited I became about my life, and the best part is, it’s never plateaued. Life continues to get sweeter and sweeter each day.

4. When do you indulge and eat your Sweets – Morning/Afternoon/Night? Why?

Thursday evening’s Sweets taste so good. My friends run a Community Acupuncture Program in Richmond Hill, and every Thursday after we close up shop, there’s nothing better after a 12-hour work day than a warm mug of tea, and SFTE Chocolate Chip Cookies with friends. 

5. Where would we most likely find you on your day off?

Outdoors! In the summer you’ll probably find me (if you can) camping in the woods, or at the baseball diamond with friends and fam, and in the winter, on an ice rink, or snowboarding.

6. You have $10.00 to buy lunch, where do you go?

Nature’s Emporium for salad bar and a tea, then carry it over to Ferry Lake to enjoy!

7. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you bring with you? 

My boyfriend, my dog, and a guitar. Let’s make this happen.

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