Welcome to our Sweet Blog

I’ve never considered myself much of the writing type. So starting a blog seems a bit daunting to me, but hey, it’s a new year, and I think the time is right to step outside my comfort zone (ie. the kitchen) for a few minutes. My goal in doing this is to stay connected with you! My hope is that you’ve tried and are a fan of our original vegan desserts, and if not, we’d like to have you on board.

I’m excited for you to learn more about who’s eating, making, and selling Sweets from the Earth desserts in this space. You can look forward to ‘Sweet Talking Tuesdays’ where we’ll feature interviews with engaging members from our community, and twice a month we’ll be happy to introduce you to a special guest blogger.

Whether you choose our products for dietary restrictions, or just simply because you’ve tried them and know that there’s a healthier and more delicious way to indulge, we’re thrilled when our customers tell us how much they enjoy what we bake. We thrive on your feedback, so stay in touch and let us know what you’re eating, and what you’re loving.

Simply check back here to find out what we’re up to, and what’s to come from your favourite (we hope!) vegan bakery.

First entry complete. That wasn’t so bad!


Treats from the Earth